Murmurs of Reverence

Mecca | 3 min | 2017
Branded Content

Producer Raja Zgheib
Director Dania Bdeir
Client KSA Ministry of Culture







littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets v.2

NYC | 1 min | 2016

Producer/Director Dania Bdeir
Client littleBits






Johnson One Touch

DUBAI | 2 mins | 2018

Producer   Olive Tree Productions
Client Johnson One Touch

Apero Series no 1 with Chef Gabe Kennedy

NYC | 1 mins | 2018
Mini doc

Producer/Director  Dania Bdeir
Client Bordeaux Wines

A day in the Life of a Hand Model

NYC | 3 mins | 2016
Mini doc

Producer/Shooter   Dania Bdeir
Client Discovery Digital Networks' Seeker Series










Dancing Beyond Beirut

LEB/NYC | 12 mins | 2014
Short Documentary

Director/Producer Dania Bdeir
Cinematographers Nadim Lahoud and Sheldon Chau
Client   The Nawaya Network









'We've got your back' Spec

NYC | 30' | 2014
Spec Commercial

Writer/director Dania Bdeir
Cinematographer Sheldon Chau
Producer   Ankur Bahl







'Zombies Ate My Student Debt'

NYC | 1:47 | 2015
Video Journalism

Producer/Shooter Dania Bdeir
Client AJ+





'An American Thanksgiving' with Palestinian Hashweh

NYC | 1:56 mins | 2015
Video Journalism

Producer/Shooter Dania Bdeir
Client AJ+




I'm About

NYC | 4 min | 2013

Director Dania Bdeir
Cinematographer Sheldon Chau
Producer   Harald Austadt


I was commissioned to create this video exploring the journey of Hajj 2017 (Muslim pilgrimage) through Sound.

Online commercial for littleBits' Gizmos & Gadgets 2nd edition which allows customers to control their inventions with their phones.


Modeling careers usually don't last long, unless you're Ellen Sirot. Ellen is one of the most successful hand models in the world. You've probably seen her hands in print ads and TV commercials for big name products like L'Oreal, Lysol, K Mart and McDonald's. She's even been a "hand-in" for actresses like Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker. While she remains busy with her own modeling gigs, she still finds the time to coach newer hand models the techniques she's learned over the years. And she takes meticulous care of her hands. Minor things like cuts, broken nails or hangnails could cost her a day's work, so Ellen never leaves the house without wearing a pair of gloves and regular manicures are a must. As a result, her money-makers are in fantastic shape and she expects to stay in the hand modeling business for a long time.


Reine is a 14-year-old Lebanese girl with a strong passion for ballet. Her dream is to become a ballet teacher and to perform professionally on stage. She has lived all her life in a small, low-income neighborhood in Beirut, taking ballet lessons after school at a local NGO called Ayadina Association. She had never traveled outside of Lebanon, until she received a life-changing opportunity through The Nawaya Network in July 2014, to attend a two-week dance program in the US through Danceworks Studios. 

This 15-minute documentary features her journey and transformation.


Spec commercial for... Well, you'll see. 


"I'm About" is a music video collaboration with rapper RAYZA from Supervilain records, dancer JAY DONN from the FLEX IS KINGS documentary and Interactive Designer YU-TING FENG.

Live installation designed by Yu-Ting in which Jay Donn's movements create the visual effects. The transparent screen in front of him is transformed into a canvas and his body the brush.